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When you are preparing the dissertation, it is a sign that you are now coming towards the end of your education at that level of study. It is an important paper that determines if you are allowed to graduate or not. Therefore, you need to take the task as a priority. You are likely to feel dejected if you are not allowed to graduate because your dissertation does not meet the standards of your school.

Every section of the dissertation is crucial and should be handled properly. This includes the results section. It is the part that presents your findings on the research you carried out. In most cases, it has figures. The results should be presented in such a way that the readers can comprehend what you are out to communicate.

In most cases, the students do not have the expertise as to how they should present that information to the professors. Some decide to ask their friends for help. However, that rarely goes well as most of your classmates may not have the expertise required for such tasks either. Therefore, you may be forced to seek a professional writing agency to assist. Here, you are also likely to encounter agencies that do not have the writers who are competent enough for the caliber of paper you need. At such a point you are likely to become confused as to what you need to do. Is there any hope for those who need help writing results section dissertation? Fortunately, our company stands out in this regard. Whenever you want your work to be easier as far as the dissertation is concerned, place your order here.

What Are the Results of a Dissertation?

When you write a dissertation, you are out to find out something. You cannot just come of nowhere and that you found out something without going out to do research. The results are composed of the data that you obtain in the field or from the secondary sources. The source of the data differs depending on the specific topic that you are dealing with. The results can be obtained by observing how the given phenomenon operates, conducting surveys and doing interviews if the research involves humans

When you conduct qualitative research, the results that you obtain are also qualitative. In this case, your sole intention is to get more understanding of the various opinions, justifications and the motive behind the behavior of a phenomenon. In this case, figures are not used.

With quantitative research, the student is out to allocate a figure to a given phenomenon. These are the most common results in dissertations. Therefore, numerical data is used. Various methods can be used to collect the data such as conducting online polls, interviewing those involved face-to-face or through the telephone.

Tips on How to Present the Results Appropriately

The result section is the most important part of the document since it displays what you have obtained in your research. At this point, you still do not need to do any analysis. First, you need to organize your data properly. It is important to choose the part of the result that has a significant contribution to the subject of discussion. Therefore, you first need to sort the data.

Do not overwhelm the readers either. However, that does not mean that you should leave out any information. Just make the section easy to read and understand. Given that humans are visual beings, it is proper if you present the results in tables and graphs for easier comprehension of the intended message. All the tables and graphs should be properly labeled so that any reader can clearly understand the information being passed across.

Tables are nice because they organize the information in rows and columns that the readers can easily follow and understand the variation in the phenomenon under study. Where possible, you can also use pictures. Graphs are also important where there is a need to show trends. Each figure used should come with a proper description of what it contains.

Things to Avoid in the Results Section

At this point, you do not need to interpret the results you have. That should be left for the discussion part. However, you are allowed to give a comparison with the results obtained for the research of a similar nature conducted previously.

There are also those who do not include the results that pass a contrary message as to what was intended by the research. That is unprofessional. Include such results and give the reasons for the deviation in the discussion section. If anything, the negative results give you an opportunity to write a more engaging discussion section.

Some students also include raw data without consulting the professor. That is inappropriate. It is recommended that you should sort the information obtained from the field before you write it in the dissertation. That does not mean that you should include any information that is not factual just because you need something that favors your point of view. You should always ensure that the data that you include is as factual as possible.