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Dissertation Acknowledgement

Writing a dissertation is a hard task, but it is too early to relax after completing it. Before defending your scientific thesis, you must write dissertation acknowledgements. Although this section is not taken into account when your dissertation defense is evaluated, it can impress readers and the academic community. Still, this page is not easy to handle, since you should follow certain rules. Read on this guide and find out how to write a thesis or dissertation without effort. Don’t forget to check out examples that will surely come in handy.

What Is Acknowledgement: Dissertation

Acknowledgement in dissertation is an optional section. It is a common courtesy rule in any academic community. Acknowledgements are placed immediately after the front page. This section contains personal thanking to all people who have helped and supported you with dissertation writing.

This is not only a formal acknowledgement. It can also be a recognition of these people’s contribution to a full-fledged research. After all, you’ve probably got advice from professors or asked to find the necessary literature. Chances are that you also enjoyed the support of your beloved ones.

Who Should You Thank in Dissertation Acknowledgements

A list of people you can thank may vary greatly. But we recommend including these people in dissertation acknowledgements:

  • Funding bodies

  • Supervisors (both current and former ones, if there have been a few of them)

  • Professors

  • Laboratory assistants

  • Librarians

  • Editors

  • Classmates

  • Research participants.

It is not required to dedicate a separate paragraph to each of them. This can take the text beyond 1-page limits. You can unite them into groups or not mention them if their contribution was not significant enough.

A separate part should be dedicated to your dissertation defense committee chairman. Do not highlight any of them, try paying the same attention to each member of your list.

After a formal list of dissertation participants, you can thank an informal group of people. These may be parents and other family members, spouses, children, friends. Even pets or shop assistants will do – in short, everyone who has influenced your work.

How to Write Acknowledgements for Dissertation

Before you start writing Ph.D. dissertation acknowledgements, you should make a list of those who have made an important contribution to creating your study. You should distinguish personal support from professional help. Still, your writing style may be slightly informal. But you should not lean toward common speech. It is better to follow a semi-formal style. Remember that it’s not a dissertation itself – there is no need to use complex terms.

Having gathered your wits and thinking of all those who supported you in writing your scientific work, proceed to our writing tips:

Work in a professional style: Make all merits in acknowledgement concise but succinct. Mention the provided help without going into unnecessary details.

Stick to all recommendations: Some educational institutions set requirements for how an acknowledgement page should look like. Some schools even provide a sample. But most universities still guarantee creative freedom.

Put the most important people first: Sort those who will receive acknowledgement by the importance of their contribution made. An alphabetical list is not recommended. Don’t exclude your advisor from a list.

Even if your supervisor’s support wasn’t that significant, they still have contributed to your research. Besides, some people may perceive this as disrespect for the advisor's achievements. Now, let’s see how to mention professional and personal contributions in a dissertation.

Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing Service

When writing your dissertation, it is necessary to thank all those who helped you in the process. This includes professors and teachers as well as family members and friends that have given their time or expertise for little reward other than knowing they were helping someone else succeed.

When deciding whom to acknowledge, one should include anyone that has given a contribution of any kind so long as it was significant enough to warrant mentioning them by name; without these people’s help, we would not be able to complete our work on this project!